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At Rose Women’s Medical Center we are dedicated to the health and safety of our patients and staff. We will continue to remain open while monitoring advice from federal, state, and local authorities regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask for your patience during this time.

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Rose Women's Medical Center, Franklin Park, IL

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About Rose Women's Medical Center

All women can get the routine and specialized care they need at Rose Women’s Medical Center. The staff at Rose Woman's medical center has a Gynecologist, a medical director and staff Physician who also specializes in other fields of medicine. As skilled technicians in ultrasound and other laboratory tests, the gynecologist and medical staff have years of experience treating patients with utmost compassionate care. This northwest Chicagoland clinic is conveniently located in the suburbs just south of O’Hare International Airport and is easily accessible from Wisconsin, Indiana, and other neighboring states. We currently serve many areas, including Chicago, IL Cook County, and many more!

The gynecologist and his team offer a variety of routine women’s health screenings, including gynecologic exams and testing for sexually transmitted disease (STDs). Because the gynecologist offers the latest birth control options, including implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs), women have plenty of options for family planning.

For women faced with a possible unexpected pregnancy, the clinic’s onsite board-certified gynecologist offers the early option pill, with the option for surgical abortion off-site. Rose Women's Medical Center offers medical abortion services (the abortion pill) for an affordable $360. Our pricing is all-inclusive, and consists of appropriate diagnostic work, the abortion pill, an ultrasound, and a follow-up appointment.

Rose Women’s Medical Center strives to provide quality care that’s affordable for all patients. Women can expect to get the care and treatment they need in the most comforting and confidential manner. The gynecologist at this Franklin Park, Illinois practice has years of experience treating patients with the utmost compassionate care. Rose Women’s Medical Center offers affordable all-inclusive medical abortion services (the abortion pill) for $360.

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