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The compassionate staff at Rose Women’s Medical Center in Franklin Park, Illinois, offers all-inclusive medical abortion services (the abortion pill) as a safe, nonsurgical, and affordable option for an unwanted pregnancy. This service includes all you need to ensure your health and wellness, including diagnostic testing and on-site ultrasounds, for just $380. Trust in the experience and discretion of the medical team to help you through a difficult time. Call the Franklin Park office today or use the confidential online booking feature. Currently serving the areas of Chicago, IL & Cook County, and many more!

Abortion Pill Q&A

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What is the abortion pill?

The abortion pill is an early option to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. The pill is a nonsurgical termination option for ending a pregnancy within the first 10 weeks.

The pill contains mifepristone, which blocks the production of the progesterone hormone. This process prevents the pregnancy from advancing. You receive the initial pill in the office and must take additional pills at home according to your gynecologist’s direction.

If you’re further along, the pill may not be right for you. The staff at Rose Women’s Medical Center can recommend additional options, such as surgical termination services.

How long does it take the abortion pill to work?

The abortion process can take up to 48 hours after you take the appropriate doses. During this time, the staff at Rose Women’s Medical Center is available to you 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you have.

Within a week of treatment, you return to the office for a follow-up appointment to undergo an ultrasound and other diagnostic testing to ensure the abortion process is complete.

What if the abortion pill isn’t successful?

In the event the abortion pill doesn’t effectively terminate a pregnancy, your Rose Women’s Medical Center gynecologist can refer you for additional services, including a surgical abortion, at another facility.

The medical staff continues to follow up on your care and may request an additional checkup following a surgery.

What can I expect after using the abortion pill?

During the abortion process, you may experience bleeding and cramping similar to a menstrual period. It’s important that you rest as much as possible during the first 48 hours after taking the pill. Your Rose Women’s Medical Center gynecologist can determine if additional rest is necessary based on your health history and current needs.

You should also avoid certain substances during the abortion process, such as alcohol and certain dietary supplements, which can interfere with the success of the abortion pill. If you take prescription medications, such as blood thinners, be sure to provide your gynecologist with medication type and dosage schedule before taking the abortion pill.

Learn more about the abortion pill and your options for an unwanted pregnancy by calling the Franklin Park office today or using the confidential online booking feature.